How to Achieve Maximum Tool Life with Proper Maintenance

Want to make the most out of your investment in punch press tooling and also help ensure the longevity of your machines? Here are a few simple maintenance recommendations to follow.

Quality punch press tooling is a significant investment for any machine shop. Without proper maintenance, the precision and life of your tooling can suffer, resulting in poor quality parts, higher tool replacement costs and lower productivity. By following a few simple maintenance recommendations, you can make the most of your investment and help ensure the longevity of your tooling and machines.

Regular tool sharpening is essential to consistently producing quality parts. When sharpening is neglected, the punching edge of the tool breaks down more quickly. Dull punching tools can create problems like excessive burrs, material waste, increased tonnage, tool chipping, breakage and stripping problems. This will affect the quality of your parts, increase tooling costs and reduce production performance. Sharpening tooling regularly by small amounts ensures that the machine and tooling will last longer.

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