Stationary industrial systems (centralized)

Depureco designs and builds the best-centralized suction systems on the market. With Depureco centralized extraction systems, it is possible to vacuum all types of dust, fumes, shavings, and metals using sturdy galvanized steel or stainless steel piping.
The Depureco range consists of various suction solutions that reach up to 25 kW of power and 600 mBar of maximum vacuum. They can vacuum at various points at the same time and with several meters of hose, transporting large quantities of material from one work environment to another.
The centralized system consists of a vacuum unit (high-performance side channel blower) and a filtering unit with a large surface and high-efficiency filters. The filter systems can be equipped with different automatic filter cleaning systems. Depending on the type of material to be sucked, it is possible to choose between a counter-current cartridge cleaning system, a pneumatic filter shaker cleaning system, or an electric filter shaker system.
It is also possible to work in the presence of an explosive atmosphere by installing an ATEX-certified central vacuum unit and filtering unit. To ensure the proper functioning of the vacuum, the centralized systems can also be equipped with a HEPA filter (H14) with high filtration efficiency.


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