Three Phase industrial vacuums

Depureco has one of the most complete ranges of three-phase industrial vacuums on the market. The range of three-phase industrial vacuums is equipped with side-channel turbines with powers up to 7.5 kW. Depureco three-phase vacuums are designed to suck up solids, liquids, and even the finest and finest dust. Thanks to multistage turbines it is possible to work in the most severe conditions where a lot of depression or a lot of airflows are required. In this range, industrial vacuums can be configured in a vertical version, with a side channel blower installed on the head or horizontal with a side channel blower installed at the bottom inside the rear protective casing. In the Depureco three-phase industrial vacuums range, different types of filter cleaning systems are available. The vacuum cleaner can be configured with a manual shaking or Jet Clean® cleaning system. Where required, it is possible to use a completely automatic cartridge cleaning system in counter-current, or with automatic shaking operated by a pneumatic piston. An absolute secondary Hepa filter (H14) can be installed on the whole range.