Heavy duty three phase industrial vacuums

Depureco has a range of three-phase industrial vacuums with medium-large power turbines, from 7.5 kW (10 hp) up to 25 kW (20 hp).
The range has been designed to work in difficult and heavy applications, in the presence of large quantities of powders, solids, shavings, even in applications on centralized suction systems.
With Depureco's high-power three-phase medium range it is possible to transport large quantities of material with the use of separators and hoppers with direct bagging in Big Bags.
All industrial vacuums in this family are equipped with category M filters as standard (filtration efficiency up to 1 micron) and vacuum breaker safety valve included.
Each industrial vacuum is equipped with a tangential inlet system, with a metal cyclone welded inside the filtration chamber, which allows the material to be broken down, protecting the filter, directing it directly into the container.
When required, it is possible to use a fully automatic filter cartridge cleaning system that uses the air in counter-current at 6 bar pressure. Alternatively, it is possible to choose automatic electric shaking or activated by a pneumatic piston.
A large surface Hepa (H14) absolute secondary filter can be installed on the whole range.