Depureco model: DV-AIR 800

DV-AIR 800

DV-AIR 800 is the filter unit for centralized systems for cleaning production lines, floors, and equipment, during and after the production cycle, and also continuously. Centralized systems are used to operate at several points of the company at the same time, with different operators, and move large amounts of material over long distances; for example, in cereal production and treatment companies, they can remove a large number of cereals from the processing machines to avoid machine downtime. Thanks to its flexibility and the dry filtration system with cartridges or sleeves used to purify the air from solid particles, it can process a wide range of pollutants even in high temperatures and humidity, ensuring efficiency and cleanliness of the production lines, air quality in the production environment and protection of the workers.

  SURFACE        340.000 cm2     


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